What if you had a crystal ball for your company’s health care situation – a real-time 360° view of all of those you insure? Not just your employees participating in your wellness program, but all of your insured employees, as well as their spouses and dependents. What if that was possible today?

By carefully examining your entire risk pool and a much larger variety of claims and behavioral data we can provide you with a forecast and benchmarks to help optimize your strategy, engagement and investment across all members. We can provide a view that includes missed opportunities for care as specific as annual eye exams for individuals with diabetes to failing to meet adherence standards for chronic disease management.

This new level of insight through a highly predictive and proven model can be affordably applied to your insured population to create a strategic path to a healthier future. Predictive Health’s analytics partner allows us to utilize the most interactive, comprehensive and secure interface in the industry to work with our clients, their local health care providers, and their employees and families.