Dr. Mike Case Haub, PharmD Joins Predictive Health Partners’ Advisory Board

Predictive Health Partners is excited to announce the newest addition to its advisory board, Dr. Mike Case Haub, PharmD. Mike, an industry leader in the field of development and implementation of pharmacy clinical services, will bring a unique perspective on the impact of pharmacy on individual health and the healthcare crisis in America.

Mike is the founder and CEO of Case Haub Consulting, a clinical pharmacist services firm and has been in the pharmacy industry for almost 25 years.  He has had a vast amount of experience in numerous different practice settings such as health system, community, managed care, research, academia, administration and also is a diabetes educator.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a company like Predictive Health Partners,” said Mike. “I admire all of the work they have already done to open the lines of communication between patients and healthcare providers. I want to transform the way that pharmacy and medication therapy management is provided within the U.S. health care system. By getting all players in the healthcare field on the same team, we can make a significant positive difference in patients’ overall health care.”

Predictive Health Partners has long believed that solving employee health issues requires looking at all aspects of health. The perspectives of employers, physicians, insurance companies, pharmacists and the individual employees will all differ greatly – but can be combined to get a whole picture of the problem and how to solve it.

“Mike’s expertise is invaluable to the work we are doing at Predictive Health,” said Jim Lewis, Predictive Health Partners Founder and CEO. “On average, pharmacy and medication costs account for 27% of total healthcare costs, so his perspective is vital when it comes to saving our clients money – and making a significant impact on employees’ individual health. We’re excited to have Mike on our team and grow our knowledge and abilities as a company.”

Mike is passionate about addressing a problem healthcare system’s problem many pharmacists are facing: patient non-adherence to drug therapy and negative drug interactions that many patients experience. He believes that pharmacists have unique clinical skills and training that can make a significant positive difference in patients’ overall health care, and that these essential skills are often being underutilized by the current model of pharmacy practice.

“Research shows us that care adherence is about a $637 billion issue in the U.S., with around $290 billion of that spent on avoidable healthcare costs,” said Mike. “Consulting with the patient and getting them to understand and believe in the medications they are taking is the key. With tools like Predictive Health is offering, physicians and pharmacists have a much greater ability to reach these patients.”


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