Our story

Predictive Health Partners (PHP) is a cutting-edge company with a smart, new approach for resolving the employer health care crisis. The company utilizes health data, analytics, self-care programs and partners with local health care providers to measurably save money and lives. PHP was founded in 2017 by Jim Lewis.

With nearly 30 years of predictive analytics and engagement experience, Jim has worked with some of the nation’s most innovative companies in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, life sciences and finance. Jim observed that the health and wellness industry was significantly lagging in combining predictive analytics, one-to-one engagement strategies and customizing messages to support the local relationship. He knew he could make a difference.

By applying these proven strategies to identify and engage at-risk individuals, Predictive Health Partners provides the missing link between self-insured companies and healthcare providers.

Utilizing advanced predictive modeling to gain deep insight into individuals’ situations combined with highly personalized well-being strategies, PHP inspires change for healthier lives and bottom lines. What’s even better? Everything is measurable and creates a positive return on investment.