The Importance of Independence

On July 4, 1776, a group of 56 brave men became treasonous rebels — at least, in the eyes of their ruler — to fight for something we so frequently take for granted: freedom. You might understand why Americans celebrate Independence Day, but you might not know the impact this stand for freedom had on the rest of the world. That July 4th didn’t just inspire our Founding Fathers to fight for our new nation, it inspired people around the world to take their own stand for their freedom — changing the course of human history. Since then, freedom has become what we all aspire to obtain in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Freedom means many things to many different people. For some, it’s freedom from fear or persecution. For others, it’s freedom to be yourself, to speak your mind or to love who you love. For the majority of people, freedom can be described as the ability to pursue your own happiness and make your own decisions.

Among the most desired freedoms in America? Financial independence. It’s no wonder many feel like it is unattainable in today’s world. According to a recent study, 63% of Americans are unable to pay for an unexpected $500 medical bill. Freedom from financial burdens or dependence on others quickly becomes the most amazing tool you can give your employees to change their life.

Here at Predictive Health, we think there is nothing more inspirational than freedom. When you empower someone to make their own decisions and give them the tools they need to be informed and healthy, amazing things can happen. People feel inspired to take a stand for their health; to declare independence from passivity and reactivity.

No matter what it means to you, there is one thing we can all agree on: amazing things happen when people get a taste of freedom. We invite you to join us and reflect on the incredible gift of freedom our Founding Fathers gave us. More importantly, join us as we ask ourselves: what impact can we make by giving the gift of freedom to others?


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