predictive health partners values...

Rising tides.

We believe there is hope and great benefit for the collective group to be lifted from this health crisis. But that requires predicting and identifying the high risk and high cost individuals and proactively connecting them with their health care experts. By engaging and inspiring even this relatively small but high impact group to make better self care decisions, it acts like a rising tide in a harbor.

Creativity that engages and inspires hope.

We know healthcare solutions should be anything but one-size-fits all. We challenge ourselves to think creatively and discover the missing element needed to motivate and change lives. We look at situations through a lens of innovation, relentlessly seeking a better way. We believe in visual, dimensional, emotional and personalized communications to reach people at a deeper level.

Integrity and trust.


Integrity is the foundation for trust. Trust is the foundation for meaningful, insightful and impactful relationships especially when it comes to personal health. We are committed to maintaining the privacy, confidence and confidentiality of all those we serve, while assuring the transparency of our results.

Learning relationships.

Relationships are a two-way street. In order to truly understand someone, their motivations, and how to change their behavior, one must ask insightful questions and intently listen. We use our knowledge to build better relationships, improving with each interaction and enhancing the impact we have on individual lives.


More than anything, we believe insight is the cornerstone to building a healthier future. Anticipation is at the core of everything we do, whether it be foreseeing challenges, identifying potential costs, or predicting the needs of those we work with.

Measured and celebrated results.

We believe that everything that we do can and should be measured – including client, partner and participant satisfaction. Also crucial is identifying small victories along the way. We think it’s valuable to recognize, celebrate and reward the accomplishments or milestones reached in a health journey.

Practicing what we preach.

We’re committed to our own physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We encourage our own team and partners to utilize our services and experience their benefits firsthand. Our focus is on cultivating and nurturing a positive health culture in everything we do.