Reducing wasteful healthcare spending by self-funded organizations

We transform our clients and their employees into efficient healthcare consumers, applying our deep industry expertise underpinned by Benjamin, a waste screening and spending  optimization platform.

Self-funded organizations waste 30% of their healthcare spending by overpaying up to five times for identical routine procedures and prescription drugs.


30% on average

We assist in reducing our client’s wasteful healthcare spending

ROI 10:1

Measuring success

$5 million

potential savings over 5 years, for a 1,000-employee organization


How we reduce waste

We have a defined typical roadmap that includes three different phases to achieve transforming organizations into efficient healthcare consumers.



The Benjamin Report™

The key deliverable of the Waste Detection and Spending Optimization Phases is The Benjamin Report™. This is fundamental for transforming organizations into efficient healthcare consumers.



Benjamin Saves

Employee engagement is key. With Benjamin™ they will be able to search for price and quality information about in-network routine care facilities, specific to their area, regarding 600 types of medical care procedures, and cost saving identical prescription drugs reducing their out-of-pocket costs by avoiding over priced routine care facilities.

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