Making healthcare more
affordable and less complex

We create win/win scenarios to save money and improve health by aligning the mutual interests of the individuals on high deductible health plans and the self-funded organizations and insurers providing their coverage.

Using a secure path to access and analyze a member’s claims data, we use artificial intelligence to help families reduce their out-of-pocket spending and improve their medication management. 

We are an independent advocate who is rewarded when our members save money.


30% on average

Annual out-of-pocket savings on prescriptions of $400 for the average family on a high deductible health plan

ROI Guarantee

We predict and validate our success for both individuals and organizations and only engage in those we can create a 4:1 ROI or higher

Win/Win Scenario

$5 million potential savings over three years for both the 1,000 member organization and their insured on high deductible health plans

Like to know how much your organization is wasting?

Within 30 days we will let you know how much money you can save.

Start Saving

We align the mutual interests of individuals and the self-funded organization to save money and improve health to create win/win/win scenarios. We simplify the path for members to reduce their out-of-pocket spending, improve their medication management, and are rewarded only when we are successful.