Announcing Strategic Partnership for RX Savings

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with our prescription savings solution–Clever RX. We’ve been testing this technology since last October. In just six months, our employees and friends have saved an average of $166.25 per prescription. We will be using an API which will be embedded in the Benjamin App once it is launched later this year. In the meantime, we can help individuals in this economic downturn to save significant money on their prescriptions using this link below to download a Benjamin version of Clever RX.

“Please download it from here or from the icons below. Give it a try, provide us with your feedback and share news of how much you and your family and friends saved. After all, it’s your money. Stop wasting. Start Saving. And we’re donating all profits of our soft launch to Doctors Without Borders to pay it forward.” 

~ Jim Lewis, Founder CEO

You now have access to Benjamin’s Clever RX app! Use your Clever RX app to save up to 80% on your prescription medication. It’s completely FREE for you and your family to use and will frequently beat co-pay prices (also beats Good RX 76% of the time). Follow the instructions below to save!

Step 1: Download the FREE Clever RX App. Enter 7045 in the Group ID and 1000 in the Member ID. This will unlock exclusive Benjamin savings for you, your family and friends!

Step 2: Search for your medication. Clever RX searches your medication, zip code and multiple pharmacies to find you the lowest price! Savings can be up to 80% compared to what you’re currently paying.

Step 3: Click the voucher with the best price at your favorite pharmacy and when you get to the pharmacy, simply show the voucher on your phone to the pharmacist to get your discount.

Step 4: Click “Share” on the bottom of the Clever RX app to send your family to receive instant discounts on their prescription drugs. Benjamin likes it when you save.  

For this soft launch, we have co-branded with Clever RX. When we do our full launch, it will be fully integrated into our Benjamin platform. This will give us the unique position of having both Rx Savings and Medication Reviews as well as all of our routine care search, alerts and rewards features. Our working prototype below will provide more examples of Benjamin Saves and our comprehensive approach to saving on the 43% of healthcare that is “shoppable”.