Innovative Program Predicts and Prevents Adverse Drug Events

WEA Trust, Predictive Health Partners and CHC Health Partner to Control Healthcare Costs and Improve Member Health

Madison, WI—WEA Trust, a local Wisconsin health plan, completed a Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management Pilot program to improve member health, lower adverse drug event risks and control costs. In total, the program saved members over $100,000 and deprescribed medications for over 500 participants—leading to a reduction in potential adverse drug events.

The program was created and managed by Predictive Health Partners and their clinical pharmacist partner, CHC Health. They collaborated with WEA Trust’s clinical pharmacy experts, care management team and data modelling analysts to enhance their already established, high-touch member experience. The new pilot program was offered to a specific segment of members who were higher risk for adverse drug events. Of the members contacted, 77% agreed to join the pilot program and participate in telephonic consultations with motivational interviewing. Through these techniques, WEA Trust pharmacists were able to recommend safer and more effective treatments and prescriptions.

“We earnestly engage members around safety, including medication safety, and ultimately this also reduces costs against members’ deductibles,” said Dr. Tim Bartholow, WEA Trust Chief Medical Officer. “The immediate value to members was compelling and also addressed the too common human tragedy of adverse drug events and high healthcare costs.”

Other highlights from the 526 participants include—
• 551 recommended deprescribed medications, including over the counter
• 172 recommended medications added or replaced
• $500,280 estimated medication savings for participating WEA Trust groups ($1,107 per participant)
• $100,056 estimated direct medication savings for members ($190 per participant)
• 17% of participants were recommended assistive digital therapeutics
• A total estimated return on investment between 140% and 700%

In the United States, research shows that for $1.00 spent on medication, at least $1.17 is spent on the unintended costs of under, over and misuse of those medications. In total, an estimated $375B is contributed to lost value and additional harm resulting from substandard treatment.

This loss includes drug-related treatment failures, new medical problems resulting in emergency room visits and hospitalizations—leading to 275,000 deaths per year.

WEA Trust has faced similar challenges. “Between 5% and 9% of members experience some form of adverse drug event in any given year. This creates a $53M medical spend, part of which is avoidable in unintended harm and in cost,” said Alan Lukazewski, WEA Trust Director of Clinical Pharmacy. Follow up calls to participants and prescribers have begun to facilitate new recommendations for WEA Trust members. “For medication therapy management to truly be effective, pharmacists, with their deep understanding of medications, should be integrated into the care continuum,” said Mike Case Haub, CEO, CHC Health.

Members were also triaged to additional WEA Trust benefits including diabetes management, telehealth, low back pain solutions and WEA Trust Care Management. “The care management team contacted each person to provide education, assist members to understand these additional benefits and to determine if the members had other gaps in care,” said Tina Brown, RN, WEA Trust Care Manager. “By obtaining these referrals, we were given the opportunity to provide the high value touch our members expect.”
Jim Lewis, CEO, Predictive Health Partners stated, “We proved the risk models and telephonic engagements, with skilled pharmacists, can reduce risk and save significant money.”

About WEA Trust
The WEA Trust provides group health insurance and administrative services to public employers throughout Wisconsin. The not-for-profit WEA Trust was created in 1970 to serve Wisconsin school district employees. Today, the WEA Trust offers its top-rated service and quality benefits to all state, county, and municipal groups.

About Predictive Health Partners
AI product, Benjamin™️, predicts & prevents wasteful healthcare spending on prescriptions and mismanaged medications.

About CHC Health
CHC Health is one of the largest providers of pharmacist services in the U.S., with medication management, synchronization and adherence programs.

Expert DOJO Invests in Predictive Health Partners

Predictive Health Partners is excited to announce we’re part of the Expert DOJO Portfolio.

“For eight weeks, chosen companies will be immersed in the unique ecosystem that makes up Silicon Beach, accessing American venture capital and gaining a competitive advantage to set them apart from the rest. Startups will receive a total investment of $100K including 20K in program fees and will participate in an intensive, two-month acceleration program in Santa Monica. In this program, founders will benefit from US business training as well as comprehensive networking opportunities with investors and potential business partners in the LA ecosystem”. Brian Mac Mahon, Sensei, Expert DOJO

Predictive Health Partners Uses Novel Digital Health Tools to Battle COVID-19

We are very excited to be launching an innovative telehealth paid pilot program for a client to help predict and prevent adverse drug events (ADEs) among their 100,000 members. We have become a nation of the over-prescribed, also known as polypharmacy

If we could reduce the rate of ADEs by 50%, we would prevent about 2.3 million hospitalizations, saving 74,000 lives and $30 billion, and reduce the number of outpatient visits for ADEs by 37 million between 2020 and 20301

This has economic benefits to their members, who are predominantly school teachers, and like many, may be unknowingly paying for unnecessary and expensive prescriptions. It also saves our client on Rx costs and potential medical costs creating a win/win scenario. With our client’s input, an algorithm was created to identify a group of higher health risk individuals who we will conduct a 30 minute medication review. There is a cash incentive provided for participants. We are working closely with our strategic partner, CHC Health, to provide the telephonic medication therapy reviews with their licensed PharmD experts.

We will begin to contact the initial group and conduct 500 med reviews to help them save money while improving their health. Once we complete the pilot and an ROI is established, we expect to continue on a real-time basis with the rest. With so many individuals delaying chronic care appointments due to COVID-19, this is an opportune time to reach out and fill that gap. More on this next month.

Our prescription savings solution soft launch

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, we have made the decision to roll out our Prescription Savings solution ahead of launching it within the Benjamin™ app. This is an immediate way we can help American consumers save money on their prescriptions at a time when every single person is feeling the financial effects of this crisis. We’ve been testing this solution since last October. In just six months, our employees and friends have saved an average of $166.25 per prescription. Please watch for more to come later this week via our various social media platforms like LinkedIn. Download it, try it, save some money, and help us spread the word. Also, we’d like to share that every dollar we make on this soft launch will be donated to Doctors Without Borders

Thank You Medical Alley for Recognizing Our Efforts

Thank you Medical Alley for recognizing Predictive Health Partners’ efforts to predict and prevent adverse drug events for our client’s members who are at high risk and don’t have access to their Doctors due to COVID-19. It’s also nice to get noticed for our efforts to save individuals money they unknowingly waste with our new Rx savings solution. 

Announcing Strategic Partnership for RX Savings

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with our prescription savings solution–Clever RX. We’ve been testing this technology since last October. In just six months, our employees and friends have saved an average of $166.25 per prescription. We will be using an API which will be embedded in the Benjamin App once it is launched later this year. In the meantime, we can help individuals in this economic downturn to save significant money on their prescriptions using this link below to download a Benjamin version of Clever RX.

“Please download it from here or from the icons below. Give it a try, provide us with your feedback and share news of how much you and your family and friends saved. After all, it’s your money. Stop wasting. Start Saving. And we’re donating all profits of our soft launch to Doctors Without Borders to pay it forward.” 

~ Jim Lewis, Founder CEO

You now have access to Benjamin’s Clever RX app! Use your Clever RX app to save up to 80% on your prescription medication. It’s completely FREE for you and your family to use and will frequently beat co-pay prices (also beats Good RX 76% of the time). Follow the instructions below to save!

Step 1: Download the FREE Clever RX App. Enter 7045 in the Group ID and 1000 in the Member ID. This will unlock exclusive Benjamin savings for you, your family and friends!

Step 2: Search for your medication. Clever RX searches your medication, zip code and multiple pharmacies to find you the lowest price! Savings can be up to 80% compared to what you’re currently paying.

Step 3: Click the voucher with the best price at your favorite pharmacy and when you get to the pharmacy, simply show the voucher on your phone to the pharmacist to get your discount.

Step 4: Click “Share” on the bottom of the Clever RX app to send your family to receive instant discounts on their prescription drugs. Benjamin likes it when you save.  

For this soft launch, we have co-branded with Clever RX. When we do our full launch, it will be fully integrated into our Benjamin platform. This will give us the unique position of having both Rx Savings and Medication Reviews as well as all of our routine care search, alerts and rewards features. Our working prototype below will provide more examples of Benjamin Saves and our comprehensive approach to saving on the 43% of healthcare that is “shoppable”.

Predictive Health Partners and CHC Health to Provide Innovative Medication Management Services

Predictive Health Partners® and CHC Health® have announced a strategic partnership to provide medication management services and scalable solutions to reduce healthcare costs, lower risks and improve outcomes.

The combination of CHC Health’s industry experts and vast network of 400+ clinical pharmacists, along with Predictive Health Partners’ engagement solution to transform organizations and employees into savvy healthcare consumers through price and quality transparency, brings three primary benefits: 1) cost savings to clients and users by de-prescribing and providing lower-cost medication alternatives; 2) lowering hospitalizations and ER visits due to suboptimal medication management; and 3) taking a proactive and measurable approach to save time, money and lives.

Both Predictive Health Partners and CHC Health bring with them experienced and collaborative teams of proven innovators and clinicians, who have been solving complex customer problems for Fortune 500 clients and improving customer experiences with predictive analytics and data-driven engagement.

“We unknowingly waste a tremendous amount of money in healthcare, due in part to a culture of overprescribing with a pill for every ill,” says Jim Lewis, Founder & CEO, Predictive Health Partners. “We see a growing percentage of the population now taking a collection of more than ten prescriptions for multiple chronic conditions, often prescribed by different physicians and filled at various pharmacies. Not only are we wasting significant money on unnecessary prescriptions, often the combination is lethal and leads to an adverse drug event”. In 2018, there were 280,000+ hospitalizations in the U.S. because of an adverse drug event, at a cost of $3.8 billion1. “There is a better way. We are fortunate to have teamed up with CHC Health, and their best-in-class medication management services, to engage individuals and perform the one-on-one consults that are essential to solve this complex issue. We call it the Art and Science of Prescriptive Engagement™*.”

“We are excited about this strategic partnership between Predictive Health Partners and CHC Health”, says Mike Case Haub, CEO, CHC Health. “With the increased focus on the quality metrics of providers and institutions and the migration towards price transparency, we believe consumers of healthcare demand additional insight, increased engagement and better tools to navigate the treacherous landscape of the U.S. healthcare system.  We believe that synergizing both CHC Health and Predictive Health Partners as a unified solution for clients will generate the positive results payers of healthcare have been looking for”.

About CHC Health

CHC Health is one of the largest providers of pharmacist services in the US, with medication management, synchronization and adherence programs. CHC Health’s 400+ clinical pharmacists leverage their unique skills in medication knowledge while collaborating with patients, caregivers and the entire healthcare team to improve health outcomes while decreasing overall costs.

About the Problem

If we could reduce the rate of ADEs by 50%, we would prevent about 2.3 million hospitalizations,  saving 74,000 lives and $30 billion, and reduce the number of outpatient visits for ADEs by 37 million between 2020 and 20301.

1 Source: Medication Overload: America’s Other Drug Problem | Lown Institute April 2019

From 1994 to 2014, the proportion of older adults taking five or more drugs tripled, from 13.8% to 42.4%.  Including over-the-counter medications and supplements, 67% of older people regularly take five or more drugs.2

2 Qato DM, Wilder J, Schumm LP, Gillet V, Alexander GC. Changes in Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medication and Dietary Supplement Use Among Older Adults in the United States, 2005 vs 2011. JAMA Intern Med 2016; 176(4): 473-82

*Under Prescriptive Engagement™ we provide health plan providers with analysis of medical data and help identify high risk individuals within an insurance pool which aids in business cost analysis and premium rate computation.  We also provide information to health care providers, employers, consumers, accountable care organizations, retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and for profit, and not for profit associations to enable a better understanding and management of health and wellness, namely, providing healthcare information.

Wisconsin TCIN Early Stage Symposium

We’re pleased to announce Predictive Health Partners is traveling back to Madison, Wisconsin, in two weeks as a chosen startup for the Wisconsin Technology Council Early Stage Symposium. We’ll be presenting on November 6th to a group of 250+, our solution for transforming organizations and employees into savvy healthcare consumers through price transparency. On the road again… 

InsurTech Week 2019

Last week in Des Moines, Iowa, provided several opportunities to reconnect with our Global Insurance Accelerator Network (cohort, mentors and investors). The GIA hosted some great 1:1 meetings and networking events. It’s great to have the continued support!

The Startup Enterprise Entanglement Extravaganza Event

This month Predictive Health Partners helped kick off the Twin Cities Startup Week as a featured presenter. Managed by MinneAnalytics. Hosted at Optum. We had 5 minutes to present and 2 minutes of hard questions. Thank you for being serious about engaging startups in the community.

You can read more about this event here.


Predictive Health Partners received an awesome opportunity to present our solution for Transforming Organizations and Employees Into Savvy Healthcare Consumers during Milwaukee’s Fall Experiment Pitch Competition. Although we did not take first place, we made a great connection with a fellow startup company who is making a potential client introduction for us in the next couple of weeks – that alone made this trip a success! Thank you to all those who made this presentation possible (you know who you are) and we look forward to bringing our product, Benjamin™, to the great state of Wisconsin.

MedCity Invest Digital Health: Transforming Health Through Tech

Last week we were fortunate to be one of a select group of startup companies who presented at the MedCity Invest Pitch Perfect Contest. It was an honor to share our story, answer some great questions and receive positive encouragement from three industry expert judges.

Thank You gener8tor Minneapolis

Last week, the gener8tor program concluded our 12-week program. 800 companies from around the world applied and 5 of us were selected. We have become very tight colleagues who work, travel and inspire each other.

gener8tor Premiere Night

Jim Lewis, Founder/CEO of Predictive Health Partners, will be presenting and we invite you to attend gener8tor Premiere Night!

Premiere Night is a celebration of gener8tor‘s latest class of innovative startups and entrepreneurship.

Where: 225 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN  55401

When: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Jim Lewis, Founder & CEO of Predictive Health Partners Featured in Starting Up North

Predictive Health Partners is excited to announce our acceptance to the 2019 gener8tor cohort. 

gener8tor is a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. Three times a year they invest $100K in each of five startups who receive a concierge experience during our 12-week accelerator program. gener8tor supports the growth of these startups through their network of experienced mentors, technologists, corporate partners, angel investors and venture capitalists.

“If I knew 800+ companies, world-wide, were vying for 5 slots, I might not have applied. We’re humbled to be in the presence of the other four cohort members. We all have our ‘why’, which is just as (if not more) important than the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of what we do.” — Jim Lewis

Check the full article here.

Jim Lewis, CEO of Predictive Health Partners Featured in July’s Issue of the Self-Insurer

Self-Insurer, the official publication of the Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA), recently sat down with three innovators who are harnessing technology to revolutionize healthcare.

“The lack of price transparency in healthcare is crippling our economy and bankrupting our employees. Self-insured organizations, and their employees, unknowingly overspend more than $200B annually on just routine care.(blood tests, imaging, outpatient procedures and Rx) . What if… here’s the BIG idea… we not only identified those high cost facilities, but then redirected those savings back to the companies’ bottom lines and the employees’ wallets? It’s both an art and a science and we’re passionate about it.”   — Jim Lewis  


OnRamp Healthcare Conference 2019


Green Bay is Wisconsin’s oldest city. The very first European visitors to Greater Green Bay were very successful entrepreneurs, from gathering beaver pelts for European hat makers in the 1600s, to the invention of the world’s first splinter-free toilet paper in the early 1900s. Last week, Green Bay was home to the OnRamp Healthcare Conference, held at historic Lambeau Field. Today’s healthcare thought leaders aligned with tech start-ups & entrepreneurs to leverage strategic partnerships and begin solving the many healthcare issues we face in America today. 

Predictive Health Partners reduces wasteful healthcare spending for your self-funded organization and brings those dollars back in to your organization and into your employees’ wallets. Like to know how much you’re wasting?

Here is a link to the OnRamp Healthcare Conference:

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