The positive physiological effects of hope are well-documented. According to a recent study, hope can inspire patients to do what few clinicians are able to: make good decisions, forgo bad habits, and see health as a priority and reality in life. But what does inspiring with hope look like? This year, the University of Iowa started a new tradition that couldn’t make this alum more proud. At the end of the first quarter, together 70,000 fans at the home football games stop and provide a Kinnick wave to the children and families at the hospital rooms that overlook the field. Some may think this is merely a publicity stunt or a “wishful” gesture. However, if you listen to this story, it may just impact the way you look at the power of hope to inspire change.

The kids at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital don’t just need excellent medical care. They need the hope to fight to survive whatever disease is ailing them. While Hawkeye fans may think they are just be waving hello, they are actually sending much-needed waves of hope and healing to the patients. Care to learn more about how hope can help you heal? Check out this article from CNN to see how well-wishes can create wellness.