It’s no secret that community has a significant impact on overall wellbeing. Here at PHP, we take pride in being active members of the Des Moines community, cultivating and nurturing a positive health culture in everything we do. However, this also means we can often get swept up in important events in the Des Moines metro area; most recently, the Solheim Cup.


The Solheim Cup is a biennial professional women’s golf competition with a twist: Europe’s best women vs. the USA’s best women – and only one team lifts the Cup. The 2017 Solheim Cup is being hosted at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club in West Des Moines, with the fiercest competition taking place this weekend.

While watching these athletes go head to head in pursuit of the Cup is fascinating (and humbling), we still find ourselves in awe of the camaraderie present on the course.

It’s not just the athletes showing incredible teamwork in pursuit of a championship, either. The entire Des Moines community has come together to host an exciting and successful event of this size.

From corporate sponsors to individual volunteers, every single person involved in this year’s Solheim Cup has a hand in not only benefitting the athletes and attendees, but also the community as a whole. Des Moines is expecting an economic boom due to the increased tourism, residents can look forward to phenomenal athleticism and entertainment, and local nonprofit organizations will be recognized and benefitted by the Cup.

Maybe it’s just us, but we can’t help but notice the similarities between the Solheim Cup and wellbeing. If people are able to work together to make an internationally celebrated sporting event a success, just imagine what would happen if we applied some camaraderie and teamwork to healthcare. By making a collective effort to improve wellbeing, all sides would benefit: individual health, families’ budgets, healthcare providers, employers, insurers, and even the community and economy.

Let’s take what we’ve seen and learned with the Solheim Cup and apply it to how we view wellbeing. By working together, sharing information and supporting each other, perhaps we could all benefit, creating a Rising Tide in our healthcare system.