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High deductible health plans are used by nearly 70% of Americans who struggle to understand how and when to use insurance to manage and minimize their out-of-pocket costs. As a result, $370B ($1,400 per family) is unknowingly wasted overpaying and mismanaging medications. There’s a better way…

Introducing the first personalized concierge that proactively shops using your actual claims to save money on Rx’s and reduce medication risks…

Your personal healthcare companion

Simple and Secure

1. Member Grants Permission

Benjamin makes it simple to connect with your claims data. Using Benjamin’s permission-based and HIPAA compliant analytics platform, member’s grant access to their existing carrier for medical and Rx claims. This dynamic data feed provides updates without the need to store sensitive information. No data is ever shared with a third party.  


Benjamin Saves

Benjamin transforms high deductible health plan members into savvy healthcare consumers. We leverage a unique permission-based and HIPAA compliant path to access an individual’s insurance claims. With this transparency, Benjamin proactively finds and alerts members to out-of-pocket savings of up to 80% on their prescriptions. 

Benjamin also helps them better manage their medications with our team of 400 PharmD clinical experts who conduct telehealth consults to reduce their costs by $200 on average while reducing their risks of adverse drug events. And that’s just the start. 

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