The Benjamin Report™

The key deliverable of the Waste Detection and Spending Optimization Phases is The Benjamin Report™, which identifies client-specific, waste spending areas, irregularities in claims and cost-saving opportunities.




Detects irregularities in the claims, which typically amount to 1% to 3% of the total spend, that can be reclaimed

Highlights the top 10-12 care items that make up 45%-55% of the routine healthcare spend, permitting a focused strategy for cost savings

Identifies costly, in-network price variations & spending patterns to compare “in-network” price and quality variations for routine, outpatient procedures, provider-by-provider

Employee Retirement
Income Security
Act of 1974

Satisfies ERISA health benefit fiduciary requirements with an accurate and complete savings audit

50% – 70%
potential savings

Leverages direct-to-drug-manufacturer sourcing, targeting higher cost, specialty medications for common chronic conditions, finding 50%-70% potential savings for these low volume, but often highest cost-drivers

Illuminates the ideal, company-preferred, routine care network (still within the company plan) with quantifiable savings and independent quality ratings


Identifies one to three, easy-to-implement enhancements to the benefit design with the greatest impact for optimizing immediate saving potential


Recommends turn-key employee engagement strategies to rapidly increase use of the company-preferred, routine care network

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